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Let's Get to Know Each Other

My name is Rachel Kelsey (she/her/hers) and I'm an actor, singer, dancer, and creative artist originally from Omaha, NE. I am a recent graduate of Drake University in Des Moines, IA where I earned a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre as well as a minor in Business Studies in May of 2023. Some of my favorite collegiate credits include Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods, Roz Keith in 9 to 5, Mira in The Theory of Relativity, and Stage Manager of It Shoulda Been You. In addition to studying at Drake University, I also attended the National Theatre Institute (NTI) at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in Waterford, CT for the Fall 2022 semester. Here, I earned my certificate of completion for the National Music Theatre Institute program. I fell head over heels for the 19-century campus as well as it's rich theatrical history, leading me to now serve as a full-time Teaching Artist and Program Representative for educational programing at the O'Neill.


In addition to my passion for performance, I also have the desire for involvement in other facets of the industry. Since 2019, I have served as a Theatre Rental Technician for Ralston Performing Arts Centre in Ralston, NE. Here, I act as the facility manager, sound/light board operator, and fly system operator. The position has allowed me the opportunity to work alongside Acapriccio Dance Company, Adair Dance Company Inc, Cherrie Anderson School of Music and Dance, Midwest Dance, etc. I have also done lighting configuration and scenic construction at the following venues: Bellevue Little Theatre, Marian High School Performing Arts Center, Papillion La Vista Theatre, Polina & Bob Schlott Performing Arts Center, Ralston Performing Arts Centre, William S.E. Coleman Studio Theatre, etc. In my final year at Drake (2022-2023), I was hired as the Fine Arts Coordinator Office Support. In this position, I primarily focused on departmental management.

I was bit by the Teaching Artist bug while serving as a Theatre Education Intern at the Rose Theatre in the Summer of 2022. Working with a wide variety of ages (3-18) allowed for many exciting opportunities and experiences. Here, I had the honor of instilling young individuals with concepts such as: character creation, scene work, improvisation, design, role drama, and musical theatre. I then took this a step further and acted as the Teaching Assistant for Musical Theatre I at Drake University in the Spring 2023 semester. I loved getting to be directly involved in the development of student skills in the synthesis of acting and singing for musical theatre as well as cultivating the techniques necessary to perform independent musical theatre songs.

When not onstage, working behind the scenes, or teaching, I enjoy traveling to experience different cultures, taking time to connect with family/friends who inspire much of the work that I do and the way I lead my life, play with my Shiba Inu Bella, work out at the local Planet Fitness, read romance novels in coffee shops for so long that it could be considered loitering, and watch Hallmark Christmas movies no matter the season. 


Since you chose to stick around...



“To create art in which brings light to a lack of empathy, feeling, and compassion for others that we face in civilization today and in turn bridge societal divide.”



“My work, lifestyle, and perception of the world will be guided and informed by my beliefs and commitments to:

  • Accountability – upholding obligations and accepting responsibility for one’s actions.

  • Collaboration – working with others by sharing thoughts, ideas, knowledge, etc. to produce and create something

  • Creativity – utilizing the imagination to form organic/authentic thoughts and ideas.

  • Empathy – being aware of, sensitive to, and understanding of the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others.

  • Excellence – striving for quality/distinction through continuous self improvement.

  • Inclusivity – respecting everyone no matter their walk of life and valuing what diversifies us for one another.

  • Vulnerability – allowing oneself to being unguarded, take risks, and expose emotion.”



"To mold young minds by extending my knowledge/experience of the craft onto others and provide educational theatre opportunities to those who have had limited access, in an environment based on acceptance and inclusivity.”

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